ARM-8500 Windows CE 6.0 netbook Problem

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How are you? I have similar problem. I bought a Chinese netbook, try to update it and now everything is gone! Do you have any solution for this. Before it didn't work properly but it had the applications/programs, then I tried updating it from the website, and now everything is gone. What should I do, please?

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maybe you need a now update, I used 8505 this works, but I still work one this,
i purchase this net book 2 days ago, for my wife
can you operate some type of windows excel and word on these netbooks?
You can review (read) files from them but no editing. download it, put it on the root of an sd card shut off the computer load the sd card, then turn on the computer, when it is done take out the card then restart the computer. this should give you all the functions back.

if your sd slot is not working, just use the usb. and replace the matching folders you"ll get the use back. its least a temp fix,
Hope this will work thanks
Hi! I bought 128Mb/2Gb 7'' WinCE6 nettop, too.
It works, but I wanted to do hard reset - no ideas, PDA's have 30sec push reser button. but here it looks to be non-working :(
A "hard reset" on this product is done by re-installing the o.s. eg. flashing it.
agreed, reinstal, just be careful because I tried to reinstal and now its stuck in chinese
you may get the format operation system from the seller as I do, then just copt to your sd cad n insert to your netbook.It will automatically reformat for u .
All you have to do is reset it with a small sharp object. The reset button is on the bottom. This will only restore factory shipped applications.
That sharp object SHOULD NOT be metallic or else you say good bye to your dear net book. I did the same. First I inserted a SD card into it and wanted to see the information in the card. I found it just got frozzen. It stopped to function. I even tried to switch it off by pressing power button for long time but it was not even switching off. Then I took a metallic pin and pressed the reset button. That's all. Now when I press power button only the green powen on indicator glows and that's all. It was only when I read the user's guide, I saw there was written NON METALLIC SHARP OBJECT" to be used to reset the computer. So that's all,my friends.
Anyways, if somebody could give me tips as to how to fix it up,I would really appreciate it.
you can reload the os on your device with the help of a desktop pc connected to your device through a bridged usb cable. download the appropriate embedded version os which can be run and installed from the desktop pc.good luck.

any idea where to download the appropriate embedded version os? I just received two netbooks today. One works great, the other one doesn't work, and so far tech support from the seller is not responding and i'm really puling my hair out. I have laptops and desktops and know how to reinstall my os on them, etc.. I don't have a clue where to find the os for my new refurbished netbook. :( Thanks!

You can download windows ce 6.0 on the Sylvania Netbook website.