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I recently lost sound on our Dell Vostro 1500 with xp. I done a system restore, reinstalled audio devices and tried just about everything else and still no sound. It happened after we ran a scan of the computer. The sound controlls are missing off the tool bar, when I go to the volume control in start menu it says I don't have an active mixer and to install one which didn't work either and when I go to control panel and sound and audio device everything is grayed out, with no default device set and I was unable to set one. I have Sigma Tel High Definition Audio Codec and it's enabled to run. Please any help you have would be very much apprecaited

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i fixed mine with instructions from this link
Thank you

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please help me I tried this but never worked I hear a sound when windows astarts then I cant find the mixer
Thnx alot man .. I did the same n it worked for me tooo .. ThnQ
That did not work for me... and I have a dell dimension 2400
did not work for me I have a gateway for the last step make sure it on automatic and press start it says it is already started
It didn't work for me either. I ended up having to re download the driver for my motherboard.