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My magicJack says Error3....I don't know what it means but I NEED help please......

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I received the same error; when I visit the Majic Jack forum, it says that basically this error is due to a windows Firewall. I disabled my firewall, so that does not seem to be the problem; I also have several monitors, which may be interfering with my interrupt settings and ports.

I am sure if I put my computer back to an earlier date, it would correct everything, but I may lose data I have, as I have not backed up everything, nor do I feel like it. =)

So what I am saying is try to disable your firewall and see if that works. Meanwhile, I am trying to find an answer myself.

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If you restore back to an earlier date, you will not loose any data, not even a iota. It's what we call a non destrutive restore.
They pushed out an update today, your firewall needs to allow the update through. I already had an exception in Windows Firewall for MagicJack, but had to delete and re-create it to get it to work. You might have Windows Firewall along with another firewall too.
do you want to fix error3 , you have to download a program called http// -shield and that will work, when you finish downloading installed, and restart your computer error 3 will go away , if this happen again do the same thing , keep the program on the desktop so you can do it ok?

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