Pc screen can't display

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Hi anyone here know to restore a pc screen to a normal mode which could display.My pc cant even display after the power button is switch on until i take an old screen and plug it into my pc.The old screen display well but the new one remain black.My screen works well in the morning but after i came back from work it couldn't display anymore.Sooo,anyone have any idea about repairing the new screen??

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Please explain clearly what you mean by normal mode, the problem seems to be coming from the monitor itself. Please try it on another computer.

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Check your vga cable and replace if not sure or other way it to get it repaired by service center freely if still under warranty,.

Ya the problem seems to be coming from the screen,cause i try to connect it to the other pc it also dont works.
change to the old screen and then changer output MHZ to 60 plug new one this will help you
then new one is low MHZ screen