Need to boot windows xp to external monitor [Solved/Closed]

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My Acer One took a dive off the table and has a shattered screen. I am trying to plug in an external monitor to boot it to. When I turn laptop on, the Windows start screen appears on the external, but then it goes blank after startup. I can access the setup utility, but there doesn't seem to be anything monitor related.

Appreciate any help! Desperate to get some info off it!

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Try this 1.

Connect it to the external monitor then switch ON your laptop. If you failed to

get the display in external monitor, then use the proper combination keys(like

Fn+F5/ the function key that's having the monitor symbol on it) to toggle

between your laptop screen and the external monitor.

Good Luck.
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Thanks for the help. Couldn't get that to work, but used F8 to interrupt boot and switch to VGA mode. Can't reset video settings (icons are huge!) or get it to stay that way on next boot, but was able to get info I needed. Thx again!

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