Acer Aspire zg5 - Blue screen. Wont reboot.

 mausti2 -

As I start my netbook, I get the blue screen before it switches to the menu screen asking to start in safe mode, last known config, or normally. The blue screen appears so quicly that I cannot read what is on it.
No matter which option I choose on the menu screen, I first get the windows XP screen, as if its rebooting, before it switches back to the menu screen. I cant get any further.

What can I do?

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This might be a problem with the hard disk or a badly damaged Windows installation. I would first try to reinstall Windows (google Windows XP repair/Install for instructions) if that doesn't work a replacement hard drive might be needed. I imagine you don't have the Windows XP disk or an external CD drive. So, any type of repair is rather difficult. I suggest you search this forum for instructions for loading Windows XP from a flash drive. Then you might be able to download an OEM version for XP. Sadly you might save money by purchasing a used model of this computer rather than repairing the one you have.

Good Luck
Thx xpcman.