Pc to tv via hdmi good picture but no sound? [Solved/Closed]

 newsgirl -
Hello guys,
really struggling with this for a while...Sony or Panasonic tech guys have not been able to help.
previous LCD TV had no problems.
I'm trying to connect a sony media centre vgx - xl201 (running win XP) to a Panasonic TXL42d25b. LED TV.

Tried setting audio HMDI as default ouptput device (makes no difference)
The panasonic has 4 hdmi - tried all of them.
Tried other cables known to work.
Tried other equipment which produced sound.
Tried all options on sound configuration on tv...but still no sound not a beep!
Any Ideas- I'm no techie so plain language would help!!
Help pleeeaaaaseeeeee!!!!!!

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What finally worked for me was completely deleting the NVIDEA HDMI driver, rebooting, and allowing a new driver to be downloaded and installed. Good luck!
Thank you

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Follow these instructions from Faq and fix the sound issue from hdmi cable connection to tv set:


Have you ever found the answer please? I have the same problem...
I got the same before. the fix is the setting on your TV. Try to look for an option at the "Aspect Ratio" and choose "Just Scan". Mine is a LG TV, maybe different in other TVs.
i had the same problem but I just turned off the tv then when I turned on again the sound already worked :)

I think the problem is some TV's need to be on that input while the computer boots up. If it's not, then it only pushes out display through the HDMI.
I had the same problem and couldn't work out why.
Then turned the computer off and re-booted...I still didn't get any sound, until I realised the volume on the computer had turned itself down. Once I increased volume everything was fine.
Thanks for all your suggestions. They were all really helpful

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