My ipod touch wont turn on [Solved/Closed]

jandangregbritt - Nov 10, 2010 at 02:36 PM - Latest reply:  mart
- Oct 6, 2012 at 04:46 PM
my ipod touch want come on, anymore. it will not even come up on the plug screen any longer,,any ideas please help I need to fix it for my son's birthday which is 2marr,,,,,i need to get him a ipod deck, but I can't if the iopd don't wok , please help me.

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Thank you

Another user, Crystal, had the very same issue as your. She solved it and a flod of thanks came showering on her. Here is what she wrote:

The way I did it is: I had my ipod connected to my computer and I pressed the critical button and the menu button simultaneously* and.... after 6-10 seconds BAM!!! iT WORKED LIKE A CHARM IN THE FIRST SHOT!

In other words, If your iPod won't turn on anymore, you need to reset it. Hold the sleep/wake button and the home button together for at least 10 seconds until the apple logo appears


Thank you, Ambucias 206

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thank u so much I thought I broke it and my mum would hav taken it to an apple shop and made a right idiot of her self!!
god bless u it worked perfectly!!!
Thank u soooo much!!! it worked :D thank u!!
OMG, thank you so much, I was using my ipod touch and took a picture, put it down and the next time I looked at it to charge it it wouldn't do anything and I thought it was broken. Now it is charging and I will be able to use it again soon. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH
OMG thank you so much!!! My parents would have gotten me in so much trouble and they would never let me see another ipod/touch/phonw/pad you name it if I broke this another time!