Increase the partition size of a drive (C:)

Raj Pinaki Mukherjee - Nov 12, 2010 at 12:24 AM
 Pranjal - Nov 8, 2011 at 05:45 PM

First of all thanks to everyone on this forum for their effort to help others in problem. Now, let me express my problem which I'm facing recently.
I'm using a Windows Vista PC with a HDD of the capacity of 160GB. Recently, I downloaded & installed lots of softwares in my C: drive and for that reason my drive has become full. Therefore, my PC is giving me warning that the drive is on LOW DISK SPACE.
Please guide me & advise me some easy steps so that I can increase the partition size of C: Drive without formatting my HARD DISK DRIVE (HDD), as I don't have the setup CD of WINDOWS VISTA along with me & I don't want to loss any of my important files & documents stored in my PC.
Kindly help me!
Will be waiting for your help, guys.
Thanks in advance...And, if I've written anything wrong, then please forgive me!

Raj Pinaki Mukherjee
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Jan 8, 2011 at 12:36 AM
Hey my name is Michael Neuert I am A+ Certified Technician and I just might be able to help you with you issue Raj Pinaki Mukherjee. First before I list Step by step mini guide to getting your issue fixed I need you to give me some information.

1) Is your HDD have only 1 Partition ( C:\ Drive) and if it is let me know because thats going to kinda help me making the steps to help you with that issue

2) next I you to double click on my computer, then when the window appears I want you to right click on the system partition ( C:\ Drive).

3) now tell me how much space was used In Gigabits and tell me how much free space there is

Message me back when you get this information


Michael Neuert
hey Micheal
I also have the same problem of low disk space. I have a 160GB hard disc which has 2 partitions first one is of 40Gb where my OS is installed and second is a 120Gb partition. I don't have any unallocated space left on my hard disc. I have alot of free space on the second partition. Please advise me on how to increase the space on the first partition.
Hi, thanks download partition magic software and adjust your drive tell me if it helped.
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Nov 12, 2010 at 05:51 AM

You cannot increase your hard disk size,its will be possible only if you had partition on it and by that extend the drive size but you only have 160GB,so either you remove all music and other type of data to an external device or add another hard disk to your pc and move them all to it and uninstall application not being used at all.

Good luck