Windows cannot find scvhost.exe

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 Naira - May 7, 2014 at 11:53 AM
I scanned my computer with AVG Antispyware free edition. One of the results that came up as "High" alert was scvhost.exe. I deleted that with all the other results it came up with.

Since then, whenever I reboot my pc it comes up with this message:
"Windows cannot find scvhost.exe", etc.

Any idea on the subject?


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Jan 25, 2008 at 08:27 AM
Have you tried to restore to the latest restore point?
Have you tried to download this file from internet (please be careful from the source) or to copy it from another computer? (Same windows version...)
This file is used by the OS to load dll, without it, no library can be loaded and therefore nothing will be able to work properly...
hey, can in ANYBODY provide a clear and reliable solution to this problem, please? all of the answers given do not work and only served to confuse people. sigh!
TO solve scvhost.exe
1) go to start
2) click run
3) type regedit
4) follow path hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windowsNT\currentversion\winlogon\
5) delete the following file
shell %explorer%scvhost.exe

6) your problem is solved.
In my computer program exe file is not running. msconfig and rgedit is also not running.
plz help me sir

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can not find script file "c:\documents and settings\administrator\boot.vbs".
follow this setps to fix the error
1. open registry
goto start
click on run
type regedit and press ok
2. In the registry traverse the key like
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

double click on Userinit on right side and delete
C:\windows\system32\boot.vbs and C:\windows\system32\wscript

100% it will work if u have any doubts

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Batcha > krish
Jun 1, 2008 at 06:58 AM
Dear Krish.

I am following on your Steps. It's working really Fine.

Thanks lots for your information.


Kadhar Batcha.

Dear sir ,
My system having same this problem , when I start the system a message appears can't find boot.vbs
What should I do to fix it please help
Dear Sir/madam..
I had installed Visual Basic 6.0 ,after installation I found a error "SCVHOST.exe" cannot find windows.
so u please me a suggestion to solve this problem.

waiting for your positive reply..
Ok friend you are facing a same problem people ask me many times.
Actually you have to understand the terminology of an antivirus softaware . When it shows you high alert never delete the file you should heal or quarantine with your antivirus. If you delete the virus which was not actually a virus befor that it was a file which is attacked by the virus . And it now searched as virus. If you delet it its functioning area stops running the program of which the file was. So do not delet virus heal it with software . It stores file at vault and let u access the program without spreading the virus.
désolé de ne pas parler anglais,
je pense que c' est la réponse au problème posé mais il faudrait traduire pour nos amis anglophones.

scvhost.exe à ne pas confondre avec svchost qui est un fichier de windows valide.

Pour supprimer l' affichage de la page d' erreur concernant scvhost suite à suppression du fichier(désinfection):

Cliquez sur Démarrer > Exécuter.
Tapez regedit
Puis cliquez sur OK.
Accédez aux sous-clés suivantes :


Dans le volet de droite, supprimez la valeur :

SVCHOST" = "scvhost.exe"

Quittez l’Editeur du Registre.
All of you here are mis-informed.
There is a Windows OS file SVCHOST.exe found in windows folder that is required for smooth operations.
How ever there is a virus by the name SCVHOST.exe which does things like disabling your system administrator ( CTRL+ALT+DEL) .
I searched this blog to find a fix for the later ( SCVHOST.exe) but all of you guys have discussed about the required windows file.
Pls dont get confused with the nomenclature

when I switch on the sysytem a message come sthat Cannot find "boot.vbs" " what should I do to make a remady
Dear sir

When I start my system a message comes that can't find script file boot.vbs
What should I do to fix it please.....!!
at startup, there some kind of an error saying that Windows cannot find scvhost.exe. so I tried to find it but I couldn't. I have already delete the infected file..but the scvhost.exe problem still shows up. what should I do?
I am also facing this problem
from last week I do not know what I have done
Please help
Windows cannot find scvhost.exe. What should I Do?
Hi Friends

I have some problem with my orkut, when ever I try to open it in my system it is not opening and it shows message that "orkut is banned pls do not access it a project by AMOL" but actually orkut is not banned it is opening in other system with same net connection

Pls help me out
hi balbir.
I have same problem in orkut, when ever I try to open it in my system it is not opening and it shows message that "orkut is banned pls do not access it a project by AMOL" ...if u know the solutio...plz reply me.

thanks in advance
I scanned my laptopr with AVG Antispyware free edition.

Since then, whenever I reboot my laptop it comes up with this message:
Loading Script"c:Windows\system32\boot.vbs: failed (Access denied)

Any idea on the subject?


Please help
Hello, I found this sochvst.exe in my computer recently after I Enter and Space keys stopped working. I decided to delete it, now, when I press Enter or Space I receive a message: 'Windows cannot find C:\\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\sochvst.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly, then press enter'. Is there a solution for recovering my system? It would really good, I can't find any solution.
Thanks in advance.
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May 22, 2008 at 10:54 AM
get windows original cd and reinstall it again ...don't choose " repair" , but wll reinstlall on the same directory, same root, then it'll make some corrections to all the missing files , u'll be prompted for that, so just click " yes or ok..;it'll take 20 may b at least 30 minutes .
don't try to download te svchost file cause it's a root process,it's part of the heart services and it's istalled as a package so even if you deleted the file you can't reinstall it manually only the windows installer program can do that properly.