Toshiba Satellite A205 hanging while charging

Azeem - Nov 25, 2010 at 12:46 AM
 Azeem - Jan 14, 2012 at 01:49 PM

My Toshiba Satellite A205 S5803 works great but only when the battery has some charge remaining. When i turned on AC power, windows becomes hang.
It charges great in turned off mode. As an experiment, I took the battery out, plugged in the AC power and tried to turn the machine on but result is still the same. The AC power is 19.5V and 3.95 amps. Have tried several AC power adaptors all with the same result.
Suggestions Please

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Nov 28, 2010 at 01:05 PM
Hello Azeem,

There are different things that is causing this specific problem. Let us take the simplest one that is, the source could be coming from overheating issue. If you see that there's overheating, this can be causing a circuit board inside to malfunction. Check it out for clearing your doubt. Yet, there is little probability that such is happening. It is rare and of course, you should have already spotted it before.

The problem could also be that the electricity distributed from the charger is short or the initial problem is a faulty battery or even there are some troubles from one of the cicuirt board in your laptop. For spotting such a trouble, it will be advisable to get it to a qualified technician for you might lack knowledge or the proper tools.

Another suggestion that I will like you to get through, will be reaching BIOS settings and in the Advanced tab, get to the Dynamic CPU frequency and change it to the Always Low (Not Dynamic) mode.

I will thus wish you good luck is settling with this difficult matter but do not hesitate to hit back if ever the problem does not get solved.

Thanks in advance.
Dear Brian,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I have tried all above but still the problem lies. I thing its a common problem in Toshiba laptops.