Toshiba recovery without a CD

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I have been using a Toshiba laptop from mid 2007. I don't have a recovery disc supplied with the purchase of this laptop. Instead, Toshiba has added a hidden partion on the hard drive which contains the same files on a recovery CD/ DVD.

To reinstall your laptop to the factory settings/"out of the box" settings, please follow these steps. It worked for me, and should work for you.

Before beginning, just insure that you have power adapter plugged in. The computer should not be restarted during the process. The most important, that all the data will erased.

Please note: Holding down the power button on the machine forces it to switch off. Any unsaved data will be lost.

1* Hold down the power button for 10 (ten) seconds to switch off your machine.

2* Press and hold the 0 (zero) key and at the same time, tap the power button once to switch on your notebook.

3* When the machine Starts beeping; release the 0 key.

4* When prompted by the warning screen; select Yes to continue with the system recovery.

5* Select Recovery of Factory Default Software; click Next.

6* Select Recover to out-of-box state. Click Next again.

7* Click Next to Start recovery.

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Greetings Vixen

Thank you so much for this valuable tip.

May I have your permission to publish it in the faq with credits to you?

My friend you really saved me.
Thanks a lot