Dell Tower Stuck in Power Save

 Tom -

I have a dell desktop that worked fine this morning. Now it will not power up. The light on the front of the tower is orange and not blinking. If you push a button on the monitor it says it is in power save mode to press a key on the keyboard but nothing happens. I have cleaned the computer tower out/unplugged all cords and replaced them/Pulled memory cards etc and replaced them.... Nothing helps. Any suggestions?


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check that the video card is pushed in all the way to the motherboard
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Did you ever solve your computer problem? Mine started doing this yesterday morning, and we haven't been able to get it out of the power save mode, and we even tried pushing the number lock key.
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The monitor is not receiving a signal from the computer and is going into "power save" mode. I doubt the computer is "stuck in power save mode". You can only run the diagnostics if you get the Dell logo on the screen. So the next step is to take it to a computer repair shop. You could have a power supply problem or a motherboard problem.

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My home computer had this same problem. Just hold the power button on your tower to shut it off. Turn it back on after a few seconds. When it tells you it is in power save mode and to press any key, just press the num-lock key. It should wake up your computer. I do not know why it requires you to hit the num-lock key when in the past you never had to, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.
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Yes the problem was solved. Take it to a technician