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Hi, I am wondering whether anyone can help. I have plugged a vga cable from my hp latop into my television which is fine and transmits the picture. However, when I have tried to put an RCA cable from my laptop in to my television (via a phono convertor) the sound still comes out of my laptop and not the tv speakers. Can any one help. Thanks in Advnace.

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Computers have two separate systems - one for video and one for sound.

The only computer (or laptop) connection that carries both video and sound is HDMI. If you do not have a HDMI/DVI connector on the back of your computer, then you will have to use the VGA-composite or s-video connectors to display your PC's output on an external monitor like an LCD TV.

On both my HP and Dell laptops the display settings (Start/Control Panel/Personalize/Display Settings) allow two modes - single or dual monitor mode. Single monitor mode allows me to switch between any one of three possible video outputs - VGA-composite, S-Video or laptop screen, or a split-desktop (display spread over two seperate monitors). Dual monitor mode allows the same display on any two of three possible video outputs.

Switching is performed using the fn keys on the keyboard (fn key plus the F2, F8, etc. function key with the display marking). You guys use single monitor mode until you figure out what your are doing. Select VGA-composite or S-Video.

Non-HDMI sound to your TV monitor or sound system must be obtained from your laptop's Headphone or S/PDIF jacks. Headphone is stereo and S/PDIF is 5.1 surround sound. Headphone is electrical, but S/PDIF may be electrical or optical (laser light). You must set the sound jack that you intend to use as the default on the PC control panel (Start/Control Panel/Sound).

None of these connectors is two-way in the context of an LCD monitor - your PC cannot record a TV picture or sound from the external monitor. To accomplish this you must purchase a video converter box that converts cable TV or video+sound inputs to USB format usable by your laptop. Do this and you can turn your laptop into a Tivo recorder/DVD burner using Beyond TV, Sage TV or a variety of other software packages.
Thanks buddy, you put it all in one, I've bee looking for that! Clear and concise! That Hot! Thanks for taking your time out to post your reply!
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so..... s-video out of laptop into component in tv.
what cable would I use to go out the headphones from the computer into where in the tv?

is that trapezoid with the 15 holes (but no screw holes on the sides) the vga port?
does a cable exist that could go out the laptop into the component (yellow, white, red)?
would I then be able to watch and listen to movies on the tv?
what about with hdmi/? I have an hdmi cord running from my laptop to my tv and I cant get the sound to come from any other place then my laptop speakers.
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i had the same issue when I was using vista. if you're using vista you have to go into control panel and then sound devices or something (i can't really remember). keep looking until you find a window that has your playback devices and you have to change the default. OR for w7 right click the speaker icon in the bottom right and select playback devices and then change the default.
I've been having the same vista/hdmi/sound only from the laptop thing and followed your advice to the control panel but the option to set the monitor as the default is greyed out, any more suggestions?
I had the same problem and finally after spending hours going every configuration on my laptop, I realized that my HDTV had a specfic audio input jack for PC's only. Once I connected to the specifed PC audio input jack instant sound. I couldn't use the other audio input devices in the back of the TV.

Hope this helps!
I wonder if you can help as I have had the same problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro P200-140 and a Sony Bravia TV. I have tried connecting my laptop to TV into the PC connectors on side of TV and I get sound only when using a VGA cable with audio cable (small jack point type), and when using an S-Video cable with the same audio cable I get the picture only but no sound. I have plugged the audio cable into the headphone socket on my laptop and into the audio socket for pc on my TV, the same as I did with the VGA cable, but I get a picture and no sound. So I am left with sound and no picture with the VGA cable and picture and no sound with the S-Video and can't seem to sort out the problem. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.
Same here. Thanks to your feedback, I tried this and it worked. I could get only the PC audio input at the back to work (3.5mm M/M Stereo Audio Cable). The 3.5mm to AV phono did not work. Not sure whether it is some setting on TV or whether it is not supposed to work.
Go to control panel and go to sound and hardware (Just go to anything that says sound)!

Then go to sound and audio devices!

Go to Audio and change the default until sound comes out of tv!

Hope this helped! I tried it with my Hp dv6000 through hdmi cable!
askaway can you be more detailed please. i've also got a hdmi and a hp dv6000 but I can't seem to get the audio to work
lol never mind I got it working. I was playing some music in wmp. when I changed the default it still played on my laptop but when the song changed it started working on my telly. thanks for your help
Thanks for the info. People like you keep the internet flowing like a well oiled machice. ;)
Awesome this worked I set hdmi as my default audio device under control panel/hardware and sound/manage audio devices. (Windows 7)

thank u !!!
For all of you trying to hook up your laptop to your hdtv with an hdmi cable, I have been trying for about 4 hours and I have finally figured it out. I read your suggestions but they did not help and then I turned off my tv and my laptop, hooked up the hdmi cable from my laptop first and then hdtv and then turned on the laptop first and once the laptop had booted fully, then turn on the tv and select the source and 'voila' (french for 'there') works. Hope this helps you guys out there having a hard time and makes you not want to pull your hair out.
Had the same problem with my Dell laptop to Samsung HDTV. I've read all of the above and went for the Control Panel "classic view" solution. Go to Control Panel > Sound > and change speakers to HDMI as your "default," and sound comes roaring out of the HDTV. I'm sure I'll forget to reset the default when I want sound to come out of my laptop, but that will come in time! When in doubt, choose the simplest solution!
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Imagine you're talking to the Stupidest Man On Earth. My VGA-ethernet thing's connected from laptop to tv. Picture works, no sound. Is there a really, really simple way of achieving sound?
I had the same problem.

For video, I used a VGA cable from my laptop to my TV then right-clicked on my desktop, selected GRAPHICS OPTIONS --> OUTPUT TO --> MONITOR

For sound, I plugged my headphone jack from my laptop into my "PC sound in" jack on my TV. Then I had to play around with my TV's audio settings and make it recognize that my sound was plugged in.

Hope this is helpful!

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we just hooked our labtop up to our tv with a s-video wire. we also had no soud we were reading about what ever one wrote my son took a headphone wire and spliced it to the red a white wires and put the headphone side the headphone port on the labtop and the red and white in the back of the tv and now we have sound coming out of the tv.

I have had a similar problem for a while now.I play "SPOTIFY" on my laptop and wanted a simple audio connection to my tv speakers.VGA connection required shutting down the computer while the connection cable was inserted and then a repeat performance when they were removed.I purchased a minijack to rca cable and tried pluging that in to the headphone jack on my laptop and the composite (red and white)rca ports on the tv ,guess what?no sound,I then replaced my scart to scart on my dvd player with a scart to rca cable,I connected the video(yellow)connection to the tv and then the rca cable from my laptop to the audio rca ports(red and white)on the tv,hey presto the tv now thinks the sound from the laptop is coming from the dvd player and I can listen to my laptop through the tv and diconnect it with no problems whenever I want to.
Great workaround - finally an answer I can understand - Cheers !
you need to put jack in the audio port in headphone port then in the audio port in lcd
My dad had this problem, we have a sony bravia, what you need to do is:
1.Buy a cable that has the same connection as a headphone cable but it has that bit both sides
2. Connect the cable to your tv.
3. Connect the cable to your Laptop etc.
4. Connect the xga cable cable or vga , rgb, S- Video and any sort of video type.

And if you have a Sony Bravia cause we do. I is graanteed to work.
But if you dont know how to make it show here is what you have to do:

Go to where it shows an arrow in an circle.

Down down to PC or S - Video or HDMI
Then change your resulution to the right amount.

Hope this helps you!
control panel
hardware and sound
change systems sound on play back
change playback default to hdmi

it should automatically go back to laptop sound when you unplug your hdmi cable
I had the same problem when I tried to connect the first time from my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia tv with a HDMI cable I had to use an other RCA cable for sound. But the next time I did nothing but just changed the port from Hdmi1 to HDMI2 on the TV and surprisingly the sound was coming from the TV( I dint use any RCA this time). Hope this helps ...

When you're on Audio Setup Set it to: PC Audio NO > HDMI 1 Audio: Analog> Make sure you click DONE at the bottom of the screen! (Also I used the cable that I use that runs from the PC to the sub, and ran it from the headphone jack on the pc to the hdmi1 audio/pc jack on the back of the tv). If I can figure this out, you can too. I promise!