No sound on tv when I hook up my laptop. HDMI

Matthew - Updated on Nov 11, 2018 at 03:57 PM
 firefly326 - Nov 15, 2017 at 06:33 PM
I have an HP dv9000 and a brand new Phillips TV and when I try to hook then together, the tv displays the picture beautifully but there is no sound on the tv, Just the laptop speakers. PLEASE HELP!!


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Had same problem with Windows 7 and Toshiba laptop and Toshiba TV, video through HDMI cable but sound out of laptop. Was working fine for over a year (both sound and audio out of TV through HDMI) then one day sound just stopped.
Fixed by:
Going to - Start Menu - Control Panel - Sound - Playback tab.
Your TV should be one of the playback devices listed. If not, right click inside the device list box and select 'Show disabled devices'.
Now that TV is listed as a playback device, right click on it and select enable. Then right click again and select 'set as default device'.
Green check mark should now appear on TV icon and sound should now come from TV with video.
Champion...worked a treat!!!!!!
thanks, I been fighting with this problems for month I even contact the insurance of my tv and no one can tell me this simple steps that fix the problem.
I am at my witts end, I have the same problem, one day it worked fine the next day poof no sound when I hook up my laptop to my tv via hdmi. I have researched this on six different sites, done about 20 different things in my sound settings. I have a green check mark with my tv and when I test the speakers I got sound comming from them, the volume level is at 100%, however when I go to play a tv show..nothing, I am so frustrated with this, I have tried EVERYTHING, please if someone can help it would be appriciated.
Thanks a lot........worked for me !!! :)
Thanks, happened to me every time after my Toshiba laptop went to sleep.