How to connect PS3 to my laptop

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Hello,i want to buy a PS3 but I dun have a desktop monitor to play.
can anyone teach me how to connect PS3 to laptop's screen to play?? My laptop gt HDMI.

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You need an HDMI INPUT not OUTPUT. you most likely do not have an input, because laptop are mostly equiped with HDMi Output. So you need to buy a tv tuner with an HDMI Input!
thank you now thats a answer that makes sense

How do you know when you came to find out how to connect, whatever you say is what I beleive and I will recomment to you that if it was true or false.
Option 1: Thanks a lot
Option 2: Unthanks a lot
Actually there IS a way to play ps3 on laptops. There's a cord you can buy so that your laptop becomes a receiver. I've seen it done and have been thinking about doing this myself. It's called Easycap, you'll have to google it to find out where to get it. But I have a question for you - why would you buy a ps3 if you didn't have a TV to play it on? Isn't that kind of ....well I don't know - - - redundant?
nothing is redundant... a question is a question an this is one ive been racking my brain on aswell... Im able to play on a monitor but not a laptop...The same model n everything... HP Windows 8....Still.......No dice...smh
some people (like myself) want to connect the ps3 to their laptops or pc's to record
you cannot connect a ps3 to a laptop throught a hdmi cable because all laptop hdmi r outputs noy inputs

Actually there are laptops that have an HDMI input.
can't be done with hdmi

there seems to be a way to do it using the composite cables though

look around for composite to usb maybe
answer NO, the HDMI port is configured for output only, this is the answer I keep getting LOL
it does not.
It just gives you an HDMI input to connect TVs.
So given that the idea others threw that with a tuner one can display ps3 in a laptop's screen, if you go buy a tuner with HD support (apparently having HDMI input) you are done.

If I were you I'd youtube it first...

An alternative is to bo buy an HD monitor. sold cheaply!