Dell Laptop Charger issue [Closed]

 mike -
My laptop is Dell, and I do not know what the type of it unless you have any of advices for me to find the names and all important information of my laptop, I'll be glad to post it down after you tell me where to find them.

Anyways, here the problem I have.. It has been doing this for probably more than two months now, sometimes my Dell laptop stop charging while my laptop is on, I don't touch my charger, I kept it at exactly position where it will not be moved or touched so charger wont be disturbed or moved to disconnect the charger.

The outlet of the charger is a bit loose, I do know that's the problem, I'm going to buy a new charger itself for another reason that you guys don't need to know.

Anyways, it stops charging, so I turn it off, and it has NO problem charging my laptop after it's done shut down. And if I move my charger anywhere from specific position, still no problem charging... so.. what is the problem?

My fiancee suggested me to take it in Best Buy or any of local stores that sells laptops and take it in to see if them can troubleshooting the issues with it, but I don't think I wanna do it yet it might will charge me money. I'm freebie kind of person, I like to get things done for free if I can.

Please help me here with my precious laptop. Thank you!


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I am also having a problem with my Dell, inspiron 1000. Im not sure if the problem is the charger, the jack, or the compuet itself, but my charger has to be positioned a certain way for my laptop to charge at all, and if it is touched at all during the usage, the computer just shuts off in the middle of everything. its very annoying. know anything?
Thank you

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Is your laptop got Vista OS ?

If it does then that might be the problem , if you update it might work (it used to happen to me)
My charger used to not charge unless it was held in a certain position. Its due to a short in the power cord, most likely inside the plug in the pc end. Now, my charger is cutting out, like the first question. charges fine when its off, however.
It might be an operating system problem or a glitch caused by an application. It may be blocking your laptop charger and causing it to malfunction while system is on. A good try would be to try the adapter to a similar unit other than yours. or the extreme side is to reformat or at least remove programming that you added recently.


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