Windows cannot find c:\windows\media\csrss.ex

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I am getting this message every time I start up Windows XP; Windows cannnot find c:\windows\media\csrss.exe. Can any one tell me what this means and how to fix it?
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First of all check your startup in programs - if there something related delete it.

Or yopu may check WIN.INI / SYSTEM.INI if there are any lines containg above delete it.

Thitd option is get ccleaner from Net and install in it there is option for startup objects, check it and remove the entry from ccleaner program...
First of all this is probably a virus
hold the windows key on your keyboard then press r
then in that window type in "msconfig" no quotes
then click startup from that window

if there are any things in there that start with RUNDLL and then a directory

DISABLE IT its a virus

next hit the windows key + r again then type "regedit"
navigate through

HKEY LOCAL MACHINE -> software -> microsoft -> windows -> currentversion -> RUN
and delete any files in there that look strange
like above..

hope i helped!

Thanks very much for the advice on your help unfortunetely it still having the issue. I was thinking if it is a virus is there any program that I can purchase to remove it? If you know of any let me know please thanks!
I think it means the system cannot find a file called "csrss.exe". Maybe you should contact Microsoft Support at and tell them about this issue. They may give you a link to download and replace the missing file. I think it's either a missing sound file your PC plays when started, or a virus because most viruses like to hide in system folders.