Itunes will not download on my laptop

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A while ago, I experienced difficulty with my itunes. For example, it would freeze all the time, and sometimes wouldn't open. I tried finding ways to fix this issue, but everything I tried failed me. Anyways my last choice was to delete Itunes off my laptop and redownload it. I deleted all of what came with Itunes, for example, quicktime, bonjour, or ipod application software. Afterwards, I restarted it, and once I went to download it again, it froze in the midst of intalling it on my computer. I cancelled the download, restarted the laptop, and tried again, but it wouldn't work. I have been trying to find ways to fix it since August 2010, and have been living without my music since then as well. Now it being January 2011, and I recieved an Ipad for christmas, I have no way at all to have full access to the whole Ipad experience. This laptop is the only computer I have access to.
By the way, I have windows 7 and was trying to download itunes 10.0.1... or something like that

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me.
Thank You!

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I suggest you read and follow these Apple instructions:

Good Luck
I have multiple times, and it didnt work. I appreciate your suggestion though, thanks.