Syncing songs to iPod without erasing.

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Hello, Please if I sync music from windows media player will it erase my other music that I already have??

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if you sync you iPod with iTunes, all the music in the iPod will be deleted.
what you need to do is to click on your iPod icon when you connect it to the computer and then check "Manually manage music".
then you need to create a playlist, put all the songs you want to add in your iPod, then under the iPod click on Music, and you will see "Autofill from:" below the window.
select the playlist yu created and click on autofill.
thus the songs will be added without deleting the ones which were already on the iPod.
Thank you

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ok thank you coz it worked.
ty so much, it took me so long trying before I read this. I was going crazy. lots of love 2 u!!!
i dont see the outo fill in my itunes and in my ipod whwre is it
There's no autofill on 2013 iTunes.
Plug in iPod.
Click on iPod icon.
Select 'Manually manage music and videos'
Click 'Done' (Top right). Takes you back to main library.
Click and hold down song you want. Your iPod device page should appear from right hand side.
Drag song onto this page.