Can't view content of external hard disk

Scarlett - Feb 18, 2011 at 02:33 PM
 Scarlett - Feb 18, 2011 at 05:37 PM
Good day everyone.

I'm really in a big trouble now. My laptop can detect my Samsung external hard disk, it's even showed up under 'My Computer'. The problem is when I clicked on my hard disk icon, there' s nothing there. It only shows 'This folder is empty'.

How can that be? Im very sure all my files are still in that hard disk, coz under properties it shows 'used 99.2%' and 'free space 12.5%'.

Please please, im begging anyone here to give me advice how can i view them again. I tried to disable the 'hidden files' or something under folder option. But I still cant see all my files except the setting, system volume information (which I cant access), etc... I even tried to looked up on the Internet if I can find any solution on this. But not really helping....

I don't think Im gonna format my hard disk for now. Coz all my important and previous college assignments I kept in that hard disk. Please, someone please help me with this. I know a little about computer but not that really good though.

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Hi Dantheman!

Thank you for your reply. Im not sure if Samsung had given any program to the customer to solver this problem. But I'm using this hard disk since many years back. I guess I bought it in 2005.

And the funny thing is, when is disabled the hide protecting operating files and others, I noticed that most of my files went to 'Recycle' folder and they were totally messed up (divided in so many subfolders)

But sometimes, my laptop cant even detect that external HD when I tried to connect it.

Tsk tsk... What Im gonna do...
I had the same problem recently.

The answer wasnt pleasent. But hopefully your problem isnt the same.
Does samsung provide any programs that help you identify harddrive problems? Like the condition of the hard drive etc.

I had a seagate external HD, and seagate provide a program called "seatools", which informed me that my hard drive had "bad sectors".

Harddrives are great and convienient for storing files, but are so so sensitive, and can be unreliable for really important things!