Can't get my ps3 to work with HDMI cable?? [Solved/Closed]

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I just bought an hdmi cable to connect my ps3 to my sceptre hd 1080 t.v. and it doesn't seem to work. I have unhooked all the avi cables and turned the ps3 off then on again and held the button down until I heard a second beep, but all I got was a blue screen. I have also tried to go into "settings" on the ps3 and change it manually but it goes blank for longer than 30 seconds and doesn't register the change. It then says if this happens to turn the ps3 off and try again. All to no avail. Is there something obvious I am missing?

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No it's not very obvious really when I got mine I couldn't get a picture to so I turned it on to the hdmi channel and turned my ps3 off, then u hold the power button for 5 seconds ul hear a couple of beeps and that resets your resolution

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me too , I have the same thing .. it was working normaly . ones I take the ps to my friend house and everything was ok ,, when I returnd home it didnt work .. I buy a new cabel . and still not working ..
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I had a problem with that also,maybe try to log on to the website of your tv and see if they have a cable that they recommend.Hope this helps.