PS2 keyboard not working at boot [Solved/Closed]

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Please see if anybody can help me, because I've googleing for days with no result.

I've got a PC with Windows Vista with PS2 keyboard port. The PS2 port is not working anymore in Windows nor at boot time, but it works fine with a Linux Live CD.

I'm using a USB keyboard in Windows, but my problem is that I can't access BIOS setup because USB keyboards doesn't work till I start Windows.

I would have to set the option "USB legacy support" on BIOS setup, but I can't enter at BIOS setup, because the PS2 keyboard doesn't work.

It cannot be a hardware problem, because the keyboard works with linux, and I think it cannot be a Windows driver problem, because the keyboard doesn't work at boot time.

Medion PC, Windows Vista 32bit, Intel Quad Core 9300, 4GB RAM, Asustek p5K motherboard

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Try this 1

Turn off your PC --> Remove the power cord --> Open the cabinet --> Remove

the CMOS battery for 20mins. After the specific time, place the CMOS battery back

properly ---> Connect the power cord --> Now Turn ON your PC.

Good Luck
Thank you

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Rebooting your PC has the exact same affect.
hellow . My laptop keyboard doesn't work in boot, I tried to change setting but as I said keyboar wouldn't work
> reptylex
I too wanted to change key-board from PS2 to USB but could not succeed. However, at the moment I have attached two keyboard one PS2 and the other one USB, this working quite well. However, I have not tried by removing CMOS
After reset my BIOS also. It is not working .
Please let me know, there is some other way toboot my OS with out keyboard
Clearing bios works like a charm. Thanks
Thanks, jack4rall:

I followed your instructions and it worked fine. Problem solved!!!!
Thank it work perfectly!
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This solution works so well, I have to spend the time to register and tell everybody about it. Thanks!
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I did it but the PC refuses to boot now, any ideas?

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