Ps3 connection problems

beano88 - Jan 2, 2009 at 08:59 PM
 Frustrated - Jan 5, 2010 at 08:16 AM

my internet is connected to my ps3 through a wireless router... model netgear - range max (WPN824)... I have no problem connecting to playstation store or downloading upgrades... but whenever i try to play a game online it sometimes works for abit but, its either lagging alot or fails to connect or freezers and closes down and i lose my internet connection to my ps3 totally... is this because of my internet speed, is it my router or do i need to change my settings??? if someone could help me that would be great... thanks....... add me on your ps3 if possible my username is.... xxsjayxx

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Hi. Was going crazy with inability to connect for online gaming via wireless internet. Had good signal strength, but inadequate speed. Have been searching for solution online and was about to buy a new router and signal booster. No need. Here's what I found, with great difficulty, on the psn site. It worked beautifully with some minor changes.

Reboot ALL Network Equipment, including Any VOIP Modems

Reboot simply means to turn the device off (i.e., unplug it from the power source), and then to turn it back on again after a set period of time (in this case, two minutes). This will allow the network device to refresh its settings.

Reboot all of your network equipment, including any Wireless access points, routers, and broadband modems for two full minutes. After two minutes, you can turn on (or plug in) your equipment.

[Note: If you subscribe to Voice Over IP (VOIP) for telephone service, you'll need to make sure you have completely rebooted the VOIP equipment (i.e., VOIP modem) for two full minutes also. Many VOIP modems are equipped with back-up batteries that keep the device on, even after it's been unplugged. You may need to contact your ISP if you need more assistance with re-booting your VOIP device.]

My VOIP modem does have battery backup so instead of unplugging, find the reset button on the unit and activate it. The ps3 works great now. Wish this fix was better publicized since it seems many have this same issue.