I think i have deleted my speakers [Solved/Closed]

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the other day I was messing around on my laptop ( a dell inspiron 6400, on vista ) trying to install a new headset I had brought, after the installation had finished I went onto sound ( through control panel ) to set the microphone sound levels higher,
when I went onto sound it came up with to devives , one being the headset the other being the speakers, now I dont know how but I think I may have deleted the speakers off my laptop whilst tryin to access the headset.
i now have a small red circle with a white 'x' in it, which to me does not make sence because on other forum it says that this is due to sound driver not working , but mine is working fully on the device manager ??

any help would be greatly appreciated
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Thank you
i think I had the same problem. my speaker icon showed the little white cross in the red circle because I had accidently disabled my speakers. if u go into the playback settings and right click on the empty list u can check "show disabled devices" and the re-enable it straight from the list

Thank you, Jesse 57

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thank you, that helped me a lot too I did the same thing!!
thank you so much I was really nervous and annoyed then you are awesome :D
THANK YOU I thought I had permenantly disabled my speakers (sry for bad english) thank you tho!
THank you so so much!
Worked for me too! Thank you
Thank you
I got the same problem
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Thank you
Hi Banner,

I think Jesse is right here - I think you are looking in the wrong place.

In Contol Panel double click on the "Sound" icon. This should bring you to the window that Jesse talks about when he right clicks on an empty bit of the window.
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Thank you
this s due to the enw driver that you have installed.
try to search for the previous driver in the BIOS setup.
in case you don't find it,try this link to download the audio driver of your system:
let me know if it works or not.
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BIOS does not store drivers. They are stored in the Operating System. Bios helps the PC to boot to a stage where the Operating System can take over and install any other files, drivers and services that it needs.
Thank you
hi ,
thanks for your help , but still no look
i have been on the bios an found no sound or speaker options.

the driver is okay though , the sound driver is still on the computer an still working , its just there is no sound output to play the sound through .
cheers jesse worked a charm
wow it just happened to me too when I pluged my laptop into the tv, thanks jesse so much
Again...thanks Jesse...worked like a charm. Why are PC's (and Macs) so stupid sometimes...like why did a programmer think just because a user disables a device once...that for some reason they'll (by default) never want to see it again???! Assinine programming choice.
Jesse if u are a girl I will marry u ty so much
Worked for me too! Thank you!!!