Linksys WRT54G2 default password doesn't work

 Mad Max -

I'm trying to configure this router but after reading the User Guide, I can't get into the Web-Based Utility.
I do exactly what it says: leave user blank, type "admin" as password (without "") but nothing. I even tried just hitting ENTER without typing anything but still couldn't. I also tried "root" as password.

I've also reseted the router (pressed the reset button for 5 secs) and it turned off and turned on instantly.

Any ideas?


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Resetting one's LinkSys default password becomes especially important if you have forgotten the password that you had set before. The default password is the factory one. To restore the factory settings of your LinkSys router, hold on to the reset button on the unit for about 10 seconds or more and then release it. It's usually that simple. You will know that the unit is ready as soon as the lights stop blinking. If you had changed the password, it will have gone by now and you may now refer to the user manual for the router to proceed further. If your router is configured as per your ISP settings, you may end up losing connection until you set up the unit again. And once you have managed to do that, it will be prudent if you could log in and reconfigure it again. This is done in order to secure the LinkSys router. For you to reconfigure the router, you need to connect it to a PC through one of its Ethernet ports, and then load a web browser, and then go to this URL:
That takes you to the pop up box and you will be required to enter your password and username to log on to the router. The LinkSys default password for the older routers is "admin" (remember using lower cases only). The username is blank. For newer routers, both the password and the username are set as "admin". And once you have gone past the login screen, it's now possible to reconfigure the router. You will then need to go to the management tab and change the administrator password to something that will be both easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess. You will also need to enable your WAP or WEP security to curb unauthorized access to your wireless network.

Good Luck
for mine the admin user name and password does not work..
I have the same problem of Anon, the default password and username does not work. I can't access to the router configuration page.
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When you forget the password of router, you cannot access the router for the configuration settings. The default password and username does not work. To solve this issue, you need to reset the Linksys WRT54G2 router or in other terms, you need to restore the settings to default factory settings. To do the reset option, use the rest button at the back of router. Press rest button for 10 seconds to take your router back to factory settings.