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My name is Freaking Out. My school provides its students with laptops to use, but they still belong to the school. Today, I think I murdered this expensive piece of equipment. I had a flash drive plugged into the USB port, but accidentally ripped it out when it caught on something. The body of it came apart, leaving the metal piece inside the port. I got that out immediately. However, just as all of this happened, the laptop died. It's been hours, and I've had it charging, but it still remains lifeless. Because it doesn't belong to me, and I can't afford to replace it, is there any way I can bring it back to life without losing everything I had saved on it? Any help is enormously appreciated.

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I think you should check the laptops battery. You told that the metal piece was stucked inside the port then i'm sure that the mother board of the laptop has got the short circuit.......

Best regardess.................

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