Not Booting After Update Of Windows Xp

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my computer is not booting after updating it.the updation was windows xp service pack 2 to service pack 3.the computer showing updates missing.then restaring then turning off.please help me by this problem.

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Do you get a blue screen after the update?

Can you boot into safemode?

blue scree is comming.and i can start in safe mode . but when i ckick safe mode everything will start then after 5 or 6 seconds it will restart then again restart? what can i do ?
the computer is ibm think center

Insert your OS CD.

Go to setup menu,Do not install,press R key

which should take you to recovery console,run these commands one by one and press enter

cd c:\windows\system32\drivers
rename sptd.sys sptd.bak

This should work ,else repair your PC with OS cd