My Ipod just won't turn on! [Closed]

 not techno savy -
Hello, My name is Rachel and I have had my Ipod tough 3g since April (bought it from a friend) and nothing was wrong with it until today. I go to turn it on and it will just stay on the loading screen (black background with the apple sign) and will not go to my screen saver. it will even go in and out and have very faint black lines going horizontal. I can not even try to fix it on my computer because when I try to connect it to my PC it does not show up. I have never had any problems with it before and I hate that this happened all of a sudden. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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i figured it out!!! nevermind!!!

and.... scratch that.... it works when connected to the computer but once unplugged the second I touch the screen it goes out to the gray horizontal lines and fades off......... GRR!!!!
Have you tried to hold the power button on top of your iPod and the circle button on your iPod in the same time for 30s-1min? I think it worked for me.

I did, I even followed the steps to DFU it.... but once I unplug it from the computer it messes up again

and now it just flashes a flickering light......