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I have a problem with counter strike, when I run CS all the fonts wont appear , (ex; for New game ,i just get N m e) (for find server , I just get F r ),... many letters wont appear on the screen, and im really getting irritated about thia problem,, my OS is vista -32bits. please help me with this problem,

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This solution worked for me also, but in a slightly different variation

For me it was the following sequence of clicks:

From the main menu:
1. click the fourth menu option (Options)
2. new window with 8 upper tabs opens, click on the 5th tab to the right
3. in the next window that appears, there are four text boxes, two rows of two, click on the top left one of these
4. highlight the first option from the drop down menu
5. click on the button in the complete bottom left corner of the screen to accept changes.

Game automatically restarted with properly visible text and menus! Thanks for all the help

Thank you

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Please help me .. mine is not shown at all cant find anything ... and when I join a server it says fatal error read failure :(
its really worked.. thnxx
ty bro.....it worked!!!
thanks a lot bro.It worked
Awesome ! it worked dude ! thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!
I hope this helps everyone.

I was blindly clicking around after starting a game, pressing escape and entering the pause menu. with the problem we were all experiencing, you wouldnt be able to differentiate between the menus. but if you are able to click on the options menu, which is the fifth item in the list (drag your mouse around and search for anything that may highlight, make a noise, etc), you will pop open a menu with several clickable tabs. click on the fourth one, and you will see several menu items that appear like they could be drop down menus. the first one (top left area) is the rendering menu. you may see the letter "o" there, maybe something else. I cannot confirm whether or not we are all seeing exactly the same thing or not. click that drop down menu, set to the first option, and voila! you now have text! its set to software rendering, and I haven't tested anything else yet since I just did it and decided to post this immediately after.

hope this helps, and feel free to contact me for screenshots if you need any more help.
omg thank you you are the pwn3r! thank you to shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
i have the same problem but my OS is W7 64>>>please help me out
i cannnot seee even options menu
means I can only see a balnk page after opening CS and music is coming only..
this is hapening 1st time coz m plying CS frm years..
i couldnt see anything on the screen except a NEw GAME option on the screen and it is only partially visible to me .... plz find me a solution ..
Delete the file Gamemenu.res , located in cstrike\resource
Then restart the game!
All of the Steam Half-Life 1 (GoldSource) engine based games' video settings are stored in your Windows registry under the following registry key:


An example setting would be:


The example setting above would translate to 800x600x32-bit color depth, fullscreen mode, hardware graphics, Direct3D renderer.


EngineDLL= "hw.dll" (hardware renderer) or "sw.dll" (software renderer)
ScreenWindowed = "dword:00000000" (fullscreen mode) or "dword:00000001" (windowed mode)
ScreenWidth = dword:00000### (### = screen width in hex)
ScreenHeight = dword:00000### (### = screen height in hex)
ScreenBPP = "dword:00000020" (32-bit color depth) or "dword:00000010" (16-bit color depth)
EngineD3D = "dword:00000000" (OpenGL renderer) or "dword:00000001" (Direct3D renderer)

chaNGe the bolded word ScreenBPP with dword:00000030
ScreenHeight = dword:00000300 (### = screen height in hex)
Thanks alot guy, that helped me tremendously.
hahaahha thanks man a lotttttttttttttt