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 vball4ever -
I was trying to do a factory reset on my labtop but when I tried what Larry did it came up with " <ERROR> an error has occurred. Error: F3-FF00-0006

Failed to get the I'd of the specific partition.
please press OK to turn off computer.

can anyone help? Thanks

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Follow instructions given on the Toshiba Support Bulletin in the link below:

Alternative you can also take the Toshiba recovery disk to reinstall Windows but it wipes your whole HDD so backup your data.

Good Luck!
Thank you

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Thanks. But my compter didn't come with a recovery disk. And I want to wipe out everyhting and I don't need to save anything. Can I order a disk? And if so what disc do I order?
Thanks SO much!
Please reply ASAP because I really need my computer for work!
Thanks again,
The part number to my Toshiba is... PST3AU-00J008
accidently added this box!

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