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I installed windows 7, and my webcam driver are not supported for windows 7.
i tried so many web sites even though I didn't find any...can any one of u help me to solve this problem.

Need Drivers for IT-305WC (windows 7)
Thank u


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No, that didn't solve the issue, but check this one out:

This worked under Windows 8 x64, and it should most likely work under Se7en.
Once the model is detected, download the file for your system - even if it's Vista - Vista, Se7en, and Wind8ws.

OR get this file:


Install the driver and enjoy your webcam.
Thank you

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It worked for IT-305WC on win7 64 bit.. thanks..
its worked dude ! thanks !
i was planing to buy new web cam which support 7 but now I dont need to!
thanks dude you save my money and time :D
great mannn....its working.
AWESOME Very Very Thanks
its working boss

The Intex IT-305WC webcam is not listed in the Windows 7 compatibility. The webcam is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista on the manufacturer's website, so you may install the webcam drivers in compatibility mode.

Right click the installation file and select Properties.

Click the Compatibility tab.

Under Compatibility mode, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: option.

Select Windows Vista sp2
Click Apply and OK.

Run driver as administrator.

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December 19, 2012

hey, I did all as mentioned above but while running the setup as admin, it asks for a "please plug the device", even when the webcam is already plugged in. I tried it hell lot of times...but in vain. Please can any 1 get me through this???
having the same problem as Onkar..any help or suggestion?
same issue
hey could any body help the same problem existing :(
it works,thnks!!

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