Win xp slow load icons start button not there

 Joh and Mace, Zagreb -
My ibm-8148-15u desktop has recently been slow loading. Some of the icons will change to picture icons while others stay in a generic format. Also, the start button will not appear either.

Then it just permantley hangs with just a color screen and no icons present.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi guys,

I had the same problem after visiting some rogue internet website proclaiming to be selling anti-virus software.
To clean the infected harddisk, what I did was install win vista on another harddisk and attached the infected harddisk to the computer system as a secondary drive.

Then I cleaned out the infected disk after booting up with the clean harddisk. It's not possible to clean an infected disk using anti-virus/trojan software if you are also booting up with the infected disk; because when the anti-virus/trojan software asks you to reboot, the deleted virus/trojan will be restored from a recycle/backup copy or it was not possible to delete the viruses/trojans because they were programs in use, read only, hidden etc.

In order to use this method, you need to have some hardware knowledge and find out more about the virus/trojan using anti-virus/trojan scanners. In my case, the infection was evident because when I clicked on a drive icon, window explorer did not execute and I can't see the files in a drive or subdirectory.

In win explorer, I clicked on folder options and reset options to default. Also, I deleted a hidden file (desktop.inf) present in the root directory of each drive. It was back to normal booting speed when I use the cleaned harddisk as a boot disk again.

Try this method if you don't want to lose your programs/data files. Good luck.
Thank you

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i think you need to format your computer hunny !!
Will I lose files
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Yes, if you format your PC, you loose every files but before, maybe you can try to make a restoration system on a prior date to your problem.
Do you have Symantec installed? I've seen this happen with the latest version of symantec.
i have the same problem...the start buttona nd the desktop icons dont apprear , hoever if I goto Task Manger andstart the task "Explorer" all desktop icons are visible. But then my internet Explorer does not open and any other browser installation just hangs, cant install any other woftware and system tools like Dissk Defragmater and system restore doesn not get executed. alos right click is not function....Plz suggst waht can be done
Thanks in advance,

I had virus "regsvr.exe". While removing it & deleting from registry through "msconfig" & "regedit", restarted the computer. But now "Start" button etc. does not appear. But through Ctrl+Alt+Del I can RUN explorer, then desktop etc. and required programs. Pl. help me to restore

its windows and its related to windows updates etc - as a work around you need the newest drivers for you network card if you can, use drivers that all your computer to connect to your network before loading windows - be sure your not using a blacklisted edition of windows what you pay for is what you get.
This is a new virus/trojan/hijacker. There are no anti virus hunters at this time.
The people who write these viruses should go far away, very far away.
They are gleeful at causing trouble and prolems for other people. The world would be far better off without them. If you think about it, they are evil, not bringing life.

how much memory you have?
is Windows XP SP2 or windows XP SP3
if you have less than 512 MB and you run the sp3
It is a problem of lack of memory

i got Xp sp3
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It may be due to a spyware or a virus inffecting the registry files..Scan your PC with an Antivirus like the worst case format your PC ...good luck

Plug it out and in as many times as necessary, bware of short circuit, e.g. explosion!

ps. I need a better advice also