Play mp3 songs in fedora linux

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ii want to play mp3 files infedora linux .how can I install mp3 player or vlc player in fedora linux.

help me

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To install vlc on fedora

1- add some repositories, type on the terminal :

su -c 'rpm -Uvh

2- type in the terminal :
yum update

3- install vlc
yum install vlc

and is done !
Thank you

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thank you it was really helpful.
vlc works for kde what for gnome?
It'll work for any desktop environment just like most programs compiled for Linux.
Thanq,its worked....
Download Wine or download mp3 codec for rythmbox for wine go to synaptic package manager and type wine into the searchbox then install it this will allow you to run some windows programs in Linux
how to download wine
Using what Linux Distro Exactly?
in fedora 13 ???

This works!

Follow the steps
.# # add RPM Fusion repository with the rpm command
rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh

1. yum install mplayer-gui
2. yum install xine
3. yum install vlc