Dell fan stopped working now computer will no

marianne - Feb 3, 2009 at 08:23 PM
 Myrna - Mar 14, 2010 at 09:07 PM
Hello,I have been receiving a message that I had a fan failure on bootup and to hit f1. But my computer has been working fine for over a month. Well tonight I decided to open up the cpu box and look at it so I can order the fan kit and I unplugged the fan to see how to get it out. Well I plugged it back in and now my computer won't turn on at all. Is this because the fan failure?and it will not power on because I unplugged it and now it reads it won't work at all? I have to get this fixed immediately I wo9rk from home from my computer and this laptop that I am using to write this does not have enough memory for my job.

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Feb 3, 2009 at 08:29 PM
Did you take the fan and the metal heat sink under it off? Or did you pull everything out including the CPU that might be stuck to the underside of the heat sink?
computer was working fine, then when I turned it off I Took out the fan and also took out the heatsink and the foil is stuck to the heat sink not the cpu box, put everything back on and now it won't turn on at all. I know the fan is not working at all the green light above the mother board does show green so I am wondering since I unplugged the fan if it will not power up now until I replace with new fan. as far as the heat sink I just put it back on is there anything I need to do to it as well? do you think if I replace with working fan it will power up?
Is anyone able to help - please?
This same thing happened to me about one year ago. Fan failure, F1, Fan failure, F1, etc., etc., etc. Back and forth and back and forth and nothing could be done. Finally transferred data files from one hard drive to another, which was loaded with all of the necessary programs and everything was fine. It is sort of like the old hard drive just couldn't handle it anymore and gave up. Do not really know what caused the fan failure. Took it in to a shop and they could not answer the question either. What causes a fan failure - any person out there know? I am running fine since then and all is well.
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Feb 3, 2009 at 09:14 PM
In general the heat sinks are not designed to be removed and replaced without the reapplication of new "heat-sink grease" or a new "heat-transfer pad". But, this problem should only result in overheating and computer shut down.

I would examine all the wires to see if any were unplugged. You might have two wire harnesses plugged into the motherboard. One long plug with 20 or 24 wires and one square plug with 4 wires. You might have moved one of these during your work inside the computer.

I would call Dell and see if they can help. Dell motherboards often use special heat sinks and fans. You will need to order a replacement from them.
I have had a similar problem.

Recently I started getting the message that I have a fan failure. I have cleared the log in the BIOS and changed the settings so it bypasses the message, but then while loading a blue screen of death appears and then it just re-starts and the same thing happens.

The fan(s) are working (I think) as I can see them turning.

Does that mean my CPU has fried? How can I confirm?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.