Software counterfeiting

 aryavrat -
my computer had got some free software downloaded. Ever since then whenever i put my pc on i get a message you may be a victim of software counterfeiting this copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation please help me rectify this problem. I am using broadband (bsnl) internet service but the modem i use is of dlink company

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Thats only happens if you are using counterfeit microsoft products, uninstall them. If you didnt download a cracked version of them there is no point anyway!!!
actually sir there was a problem in my pc a software counterfeiting icon appears on my screen every time i used to open my pc and that will destroy my wallpaper during booting or sir what i can do to overcome the problem give me some suggessions to solve this without purchasing the software?????please sir kindly help me to overcome the problem..............
buy genuine xp
reinstal window
go on this link