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 dan -
Hello, PLEASE HELP!! as of a couple of days ago my laptop won't download anything! This includes pdf docs, mozilla firefox literally anything! When trying to download pdf files from for example unisa's site for my modules it throws out a box saying internet explorer has stopped working. And when trying to download anything else it simply just won't and I can click on wherever they say to click when download doesn't automatically starts but it doesn't help. I downloaded a program to open torrent files and that's when this whole problem started, I already uninstalled the torrent viewer but I am still unable to download anything! Please advice!


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resetting IE to Defaults does not helped *I restarted Comp too
one additional thing to mention: I cannot pin programs to taskbar - there are no pinned progs either
Thank you

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you need to go to Internet Explorer Advanced settings and revert them to "Default". That will probably fix your problem.

Good Luck
great help...........thank u

what about chrome?
I am also unable to download anything, all the defaults are set, and everything that I try to download keeps saying its a virus when I know its not.....
Im having the same problems!!!! I cant troubleshoot any programs either!!!
download google chrome then internet explorer11 worked for me
I am also having the same problem I can't download anything from I tunes to Norton or Ad Aware and also can't update to a newer version of any program. Some downloads stop at 90% with an error message and some never begin, I have tried everything I can think of any help would be much appreciated. Its so bad you will be lucky if you can load a 60 second video on youtube. I have found that sometimes you can save a file you are trying to download to an external drive and then open it and run it from that external drive to install on the computer but a lot of downloads wont allow you to do this it automatically attempts to update or download files through internet explorer by default and sometimes you can't change this. Cpu is up and running fine just cant do much with it internet wise. Thank you for any further assistance.
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Hang in there.

You need to post all of your problems under a new topic with VIRUS in the wording. This issue is closed and unless you are adding to the fix, no-one will address your issues.

Please post your problems so that we can address them.


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