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how do you link a google calender with Thunderbird.

Please help.

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In order to complete this particular task, you will require two Thunderbird add ons: Lightning and Provider for Google Calendar. These are very important. Below are the links.

Provider for Google Calendar

Install both plug ins. To merge an existing Google Calendar, you will have to get your calendar's address. Open the web interface and click the little arrow next to one of your calendars, and select Calendar settings which is available in the Menu.

In the Details window you're looking for the Calendar / Private Address section at the bottom. XML is recommended. Whether you pick the calendar or the private address depends on whether your calendar is set to public or private.

Back in Thunderbird the first thing you have to do is click the Calendar symbol to switch from Mail to Calendar view.

Then go through File, New, Calendar... If the Calendar option is not available, you probably forgot to switch to the Calendar view.

Now at Create New Calendar window select >On the Network, click >Next, select >Google Calendar as the format and insert the URL into the >Location field, click >Next, eventually enter your Google >User Name and >Password and click >OK, >Name your calendar, give it a >Color, click >Next and finally >Finish to complete the procedure.

Good luck and hope that this solves the issue.