How to merge windows partition to increase c

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please tell me is it possible to merge hard disk partition without formate.
how to merge windows partition to increase c drive space

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Download this free program to merge partitions. Good Luck
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backup the files before resize or merge partitions, as there is risk.

come accross this step by step guide: how to merge partitions to increase C drive.

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thank u its realy working ....thanx a lot
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Thank you so much. Merged my D drive into C without any problems. You have to be patient, it may take some time but it worked.
Merge two partitions with Windows Vista
*1. Go to the Start menu and open Control Panel
*2. Select the System and Maintenance option if you are using the Control Panel Home View and Administrative Tools if you are using the Classic View
*3. In the Administrative Tools section, select Create and format disk partitions.
*4. For Classic View users, select the Computer Management option and select Storage . When done, click Disk Management
*5. When the list of your drive is displayed, choose the one with which you want to merge your partitioned drive with (e.g. disk D:) and select Delete Volume .
*6. Hence, select your drive C: and the option Extend Volume . You computer will automatically select empty available spaces on your hard disk, and you can alter them if you wish to do so.
go to your control panel, under system maintenance, click on administrative tools, click create and format disk partitions, then right click the second partition (most likely d) and delete the volume, next just right click the primary (most likely c) then click extend volume, the wizard should pop up, follow the 3 or four steps, and your done.
if you really like to merge, try Partition Wizard, download it from, home edition is free
Forget everything guys. I tried EASEUS, Partition Magic. Nothing worked.
Only the angel came at my rescue -


The most simple thing without an inch of ado.

U'll love it. Trust me.
have you try Partition Wizard? You might change your mind bit...
Perfect. Tested multiple times on my test pc and just perfect. Exactly what I needed to resize a partition.

EASEUS is the best.

Created some partitions on my HD a later realized have less space on my C-drive.
I slashed a cool 50gs from one drive and merged it to C for my super support programs.
You can do fake merge by delete( or decrease adjacent partition), then extend your C partition. Or you can try Partition Wizard pro edition, ( cost $19). It can merge adjacent NTFS partitions.

Just go to the "Administrative Tools" in the control panel, then "Computer Management" and then click on "Storage".

From there you can expand, format, etc.

No need to download any program!