Can not view folders on my removable flash

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I'm facing a problem of viewing folders on my flash disk, but the flash space is showing that it is occupied

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well, here is the solution you would like, press shift key and insert the flush drive at the same time, keep shift key down for 10 seconds, don't try to open removable drive in any or when you see a open drive dialog box, then open win rar, win zip or any other file browsers but not windows explorer , also you can use ACDC image viewer , then try to find 'autorun.inf' open it, now you can read between lines starting from, OPEN= blah/blah/blah.exe or com, now you can reach to the virus stored on this location, well you are there, delete those files and folder including autorun.inf, ok, now you are safe to open your drive normally, if you still cant open , try using above software to copy your files, some times you can not copy all folders directly into your HD, so one way is to open folder stored into your flush drive then copy its files into your HD, after copying all the files format your flush drive, now you are done,
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It worked for me... Great ... Thanks ..
Hallo there,

I need help to view my folders on my removable flush disk the files can be seen and open on a Mac computer but fails on the other system.

I appreciate all your help soon.

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try setting your folder options to show hidden.
thxxx alot. .. helped
Thanx helped alot
thanks it really worked !!!
@ Shujaat Khan: Thanks for the tip, it worked!

contact with hardware engineer and get the solution.