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 gaby23232323 - Jan 30, 2013 at 04:09 AM
I just have a strange problem with my pc its not that old its just 1 year old the problem is that one day i started the pc but the monitor kept staying on stand by and nothing happens ....i changed VGA CARD changed each RAM resetted BIOS 5 times ocassionally the pc starts though i never had this problem.......every part is good as new and its clean i removed DVD HDD and still same thing i even tested with diffrent cards so idk what is the problem some said to me that it can be Mainboard or the power supply but how come when i start the pc its working fine like nothing happend any explanations or fix for this?
P.S. the problem is that each time i want to run the pc i must turn off the power supply like a few times and press the start button on the pc and eventually starts but i dont see it normal...NO BEEPS OCCUR DURING OR ANY ERRORS I CHECKED DRIVERS I UPDATED EVERYTHING I checked Device Manager everything works whats the problem? another thing that is messy the DVD i have the HDD ON PRIMARY Master and the DVD ON Primary Slave it finds it in bios but after saving if i enter back its still says not found and if let the windows boot with a windows DVD inside it wont boot or start thought the dvd can read and write also GigaRaid is saying that i have no Drive its showing Drive 0: Not found and all others not found i wonder if my NEC DVD 3450 should of been there i dont understand why i cant install a windows on the dvd.... i thought installing a new windows would of fix my monitor problem...

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Hi gaby2323,

Please check, if there is any updated BIOS available for the Motherboard. I mean, BIOS (motherboard firmware) is available for download from most of the motherboard manufacturers, please download and try to install it.

Note: Plug your computer to a good, working UPS before you update the BIOS. If you experience a loss of AC power or a significant voltage sag/spike during the BIOS flash, you will either have to buy a new BIOS chip or buy a new motherboard.

Do reply with results.
Ty but there is a problem its the last update available (F11) that is currently installed now i just use Sleep Mode so it wont happen again but if the power goes out it will happen again until then i will probably give it to a service though i dought it can be the voltage i even recently changed my power supply maybe a BIOS setup oh i didnt mentioned its a VGA BIOS with GIGA RAID IF U WANT MORE MORE INFORMATION PLEASE TELL ty for ur replay :D Oh and i managed to make the DVD worked i made it on a slave and the hard on a master then i connected them both in the IDE 0 slot and it reconizes both and them and i can even boot windows with it i disabled GIGARAID scan thing cuz i dont see it why i need it..
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Jan 29, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Hi gabe232323,

As you mentioned you are taking this computer for service that is indeed a good idea. However, a small tip here would be that sometimes power issues happen because of power button assembly itself. In your case it might be the front panel of the desktop computer. Please keep us posted once you receive the computer back from the Service and also post the results from the Service Center so that it can help other users in the forum.

Please do write back to us.
Ok i think u will have an answer in maybe a week i dont know for sure but as soon as i recieve back my PC i will let u know also it can be the button but im not sure i will have answers soon enough but the fix for it put the pc on sleep mode so this problem won't occur again in sleep mode the pc is on less voltage and less resources but its on! Though it allways working on sleep mode i never had problems with sleep mode so i hope i help the forums and others with my solution putting the pc on sleep mode!