Acer Monitor blinking on off switch.

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I have an Acer monitor hooked up to my Dell 1505E laptop computer so I can have a larger screen. The monitor used to come on as soon as I turned the laptop on. After using this system for about six months, the monitor on off switch started to blink. The monitor would take three to five minutes to come on. Now the monitor is taking almost an hour before it comes on.

When I have the laptop turned on, I am unable to turn the monitor off. No matter how many times I push the monitor switch it continues to blink. When the laptop is off, I can turn the monitor off.

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Sorry, I dont have the answer right now. I have the same monitor and problem.
I have been searching for the same answer.

So far I only have theories of a solution.

1.) A transistor on the monitor board has gone bad do to heat (and like all hardware we gullible Americans buy, they are only designed to last for a few years, and priced just right that we buy them repeatedly.)

And when I do have the answer, I will be certain to post my answer.
Thank you

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you may be right allen.shipley, I desasemble mine and the transistor that have a heat dissipator its black stained.

sorry my english
much better to reply the monitor
Hi I have an Acer AL1722R monitor and used it on an old Time pc to recover some photos, when I placed it back on my Mesh pc the screne would not light up although their is power and the connections are all in place!
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Have you tried to take out the battery of the laptop itself?

NO! the problem is the monitor not the laptop battery. I also have the same monitor and problem.
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if the problem is from your try to do a system restore.
this may fix it.

NO! the problem is the monitor not the OS. I also have the same monitor and problem.
are you stupid or cant read right, what does the OS has to do with anithing????
it's the external monitor!!
i have the same problem guys
replace your monitor,
Most likely bad capacitors on your monitor's power supply. See Whether it is worth your time (and moderate money) to repair is a different question.