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I have a gateway desktop that I got from my cousin and it's amazing for gaming. So, I'm pretty sure, it's custom made.

I unplugged some things to clean my room and when I tried to plug them in again, the computer would turn on along with an error message on the monitor.

It says that the cable I just plugged in is plugged in "power saving mode". This has happened once before which I came to this exact website and followed some instructions that I listened to and it worked.

However, the solution is not working this time. I've turned my PC off so many different ways that I'm scared I might have damaged the power supply.

Please help!
System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 8.0

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I ended up just cleaning out the dust in the fan and then it only blue screened so I restored it back to before this whole mess and it works great now
Thank you

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This message indicates that the PC is not sending a video signal to the monitor or more correctly the monitor is not receiving a signal. You might have caused a loose connection with the motherboard and the video card.

Perhaps you can find a friend with more practical knowledge to help you.

Good luck

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