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I'm currently frustrated right now because I can't see all my files in my USB anymore. I was about to save our group report when I noticed that the removable disk became a shortcut. I tried my best to fix it but I guess I just worsened its condition. I don't know what to do anymore. I've been trying to search in the internet for alternative solutions but I've been having a hard time to understand and perform the procedures. They are so complicated for a student like me, who knows nothing about repairing, restoring, troubleshooting, etc of such devices. Please help me, I have to retrieve the important files in it.

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Use Flobo USB Drive Repair tool which is FREE. SElect usb flash drive and press repair. And you have your usb drive cured and files recovered in minutes ( depending on the amount of your files)
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Hi frances_craerie,

Don't worry, try these simple steps and see if this fixes the problem. This is in most of the cases a virus problem. This virus gets into the computer mostly from the Pen Drives or other USB Storage. You can try the steps in the below mentioned link and check:

Do reply with results.
I guest its a virus problem, but the good news is that your documents are not lost as long as you didn't format the media(USB). If you like you can access your data without problem and keep using it like that or repair it if you like.
First use search utility or address bar to search for specific file or folders respectively
Second you can use smard Duv software to scan the USB
Thirdly, you can use DOS using attrib command

These are the common ways to do that there are more using other softwares
I did what it said on the second link and when I deleted the shortcuts, my whole usb emptied for a bit then all the shortcuts came back again. :/ this is so annoying. what do I do?
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Hello betty,

Please, open a new topic :

Flobo USB Repair tool works. my USB is fixed. I recommend it also to those having USb problems
Hi, we have the same problem. When I opened the usb drive, there was a shortcut icon of the same usb drive. I opened it in a new window then there were my files though many of it are not there but the space occupied is still the same thus my files are still there. Even if I unhide the files from the folder options, the files won't come out. Don't worry, your files are still there, they are just hidden. Try to search the net for programs that shows hidden files. Once you unhide all your files, create a folder beside the usb drive shortcut. Place all your files there instead being inside the shortcut. Try following Zohaib_R's second suggestion. Once you've done that, erase the shortcut. remove the usb, reinsert the usb then open it. Hope that the shortcut won't come back again.