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 Tanbule00 - Mar 21, 2013 at 08:05 AM
Hello, I am new to the forums here, I recently let my friend use my computer that was given to me: It ran Xp Professional, Amd Athlon 64 dual core Processor 2.40GHz (A good processor), 1.5Gb ram, winfast board, Via chipset, Phoenix bios.
This computer was exceptionally fast and stable.

So afterwards, I had problems booting up my computer, it would freeze at the bios logo just before it would load all IDE/PCI.etc., so no hard disk boot or cd boot.
Anyway, I finally managed to boot into windows, everything ran smooth and I played some games and chilled on youtube.
So I go to reboot my computer the second time and it starts to freeze at the boot logo, I mean I can't enter the bios setup or the boot menu, so I know this is hardware/bios related, which is strange because all the hardware is legit and in mint quality, so I'm thinking the bios chip is toast, I can pop it out and looked at it which seemed to be ok.
Also, I cant even succeed in booting from a dvd/cd to run diagnostics or install a newer version of windows.
If anybody can help or who has some tips or pointers about the bios and how I can replace it or get right down to the issue causing this error, that would be great because it is a nice fast computer.

For the time being I am using my other compaq with intel pentium dual core 2.20GHz-64 bit,
3 Gb ram, nvidia geforce 8500t windows 7 ultimate for compaq-64 bit, Foxxconn Board Realtek onboard hd audio. Thanks all.

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Mar 10, 2013 at 06:04 PM
You might have a problem with the memory modules. They can sometimes loose contact when the PC is moved. You can remove them and gently clean the contacts with a clean/new pencil eraser. Be careful to not touch the contacts with your fingers.

BIOS chips do not burn out. They seldom have problems unless you attempt and fail with a BIOS update. The BIOS programs are custom made to work with the EXACT hardware that is on the motherboard.
A replacement BIOS would probably cost more that a new motherboard.

Good Luck
Hey, you might be some kind of genius! I had replaced the bios battery ( I put the other one in the other computer, so I don't know think that was the solution). I tried your "pencil erasor method" with the memory modules, and made for certain everything was hooked up and in place and sure enough the computer booted up, now all I have to do is put windows back on there, thanks a lot cheeres!