Dell Inspiron 6000 (was given to me)

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that was given to me. It has definitely had hard drive work done to it and I need it to be set back to factory settings. There is about 10 keys in the f11 area that do not work-so the f11 restore won't work. Also, when I tried the f8 suggestion, the "Fix my system" was not one of the options....I am not very literate when discussing pc's and I need help! Please...and Thanks

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Hi GeorgiaMamma13,

As the option to restore the computer using Ctrl + F11 is not working and the F8 key is not functional, the first step I would recommend is running Diagnostics on the computer. Click here to get steps on how to run Diagnostics on your computer. After running the Diagnostics it will be easy to determine whether the problem is related to Hardware or Software. Also, there is a test for keyboard in diagnostics to determine the functionality of the keyboard. If the Diagnostics return any error code, please reply with the same.

To know more about Dell's products, services and drivers & downloads, please go to
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Here are the instructions from Dell

Dell PC Restore is available only on
computers purchased in certain regions.

Use Dell PC Restore by Symantec only as the last me
thod to restore your operating system. PC Restore
restores your hard drive to the operating state it wa
s in when you purchased the computer. Any programs or
files added since you received your computer--including data files--are permanently deleted from the hard
drive. Data files include documents, spreadsheets, e-m
ail messages, digital photos, music files, and so on.
If possible, back up all data before using PC Restore.
Using PC Restore permanently deletes
all data on the hard drive and re
moves any applications or drivers
installed after you received your
computer. If possible, back up th
e data before using PC Restore.
To use PC Restore:
1 Turn on the computer.
During the boot process, a blue bar with
appears at the top of the screen.
2 Immediately upon seeing the blue bar, press <Ctrl><F11>.
If you do not press <Ctrl><F11> in time, let the
computer finish restarting, and then restart the
computer again

You might need to buy a new keyboard. Amazon has them for sale.

Good Luck