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June 20, 2013
 Ryan -
I connected a new router with wireless to my other router
The new router is LB-Link bl-1000
The new router IP is the manual) but I cant connect to it and cant ping it

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Good Morning,

If you go start-->run-->cmd-->ipconfig /all

What is your ip address? If it is not in the .16 subnet then you wont be able to. Did you make a static path into the .16 network?

Why do you need two routers?
the ipI got by running ipconfig is
I can get into the internet (Im connected now through the new router so it works)
can ping it but I cant get into the router to config it (wireless security)
I need another router bacause the wireless signal is a little weak so I wanted to have another point as well
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Ok, By reading about this model, it looks like you do not have the need to get and configure it.

"Rich and practical features
BL-WR1000 supports gateway, AP client and WDS functions, can realize wireless bridge between two or more wireless routers to expand wireless coverage area."

I have worked with access points that "realize" they are bridged, and shared the keys.

I would attempt to read the documentation, but it is in Chinese. :)

Follow the directions. Two things to remember when networking: Where are you sitting, and which way are you facing?
When trying to connect a mobile to the wireless it asks for the wap pasword that I couldnt set because I couldnt get into the router
Nice,isnt it?
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Does a standard OS connect to it?

it should be tha same as your first AP (Access Point). If it is not, then you may have to Turn it "on" to a different mode. I am truley sorry, but not familiar with this model, just what the Standard is in general. I am sorry for no further direction.
Hi, did you ever come right? I am trying to extend my network the same way and am unable to access the router in order to configure the network.