My laptop wont let me uninstall any programs plz help!

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Hello, i really need help i was trying to uninstall google chrome and it said i dont have sufficient access to uninstall this program. So what do i do how do i make it stop saying that. If it has a virus i dont know what to do because i thought i got rid of a virus becasue i downloaded a program plz help me

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Good Morning.

You have to log in with Elevated Rights (admin access). If you are not aware of the administrator password, you wil not be able to accomplish what you are asking.

Start > Run... > cmd > runas /user:Administrator cmd (this will prompt you for the local Administrator password and open a new elevated command prompt window)

In the Administrator command prompt window perform the following: control appwiz.cpl (this will open the Add Remove Programs GUI interface)

It is at this point you may uninstall a program or use the GUI to add a program and browse to the installer file.