Messaging icon is deleted in my mobile andriod.Can I retrieve it [Solved/Closed]

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accidentally I deleted the messaging icon in my samsung galaxy S duos (S7562). How can I retrieve the messaging icon again in my android mobile . Thanks for your cooperation.
Kamal Mahmoud

I deleted it by dragging it into the Apps (Applications) icon

I found the messaging icon (shortcut) when I use Google (search) and write messaging . But I want to return the messaging icon shortcut to the home screen.
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Thank you
thanks a lot for your help , my message icon now retrieve thanks l!

Thank you, bryan 11

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Thank you
Hi my dear. you should return your mobile device in reset factory without any changing in your data .if you can not find this option in your choice is back up device first and then reset factory your mobile phone.??????? ??????? ?? ????Hoping to omid be khooda...