Taskbar disabled & explorer.exe won't boot. [Solved/Closed]

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Ok sound long story short, my explorer.exe won't boot up. I turn my computer on and it loads nomally. Then the walpaper apears but no icons or start menu. I can't bring up the task manager because it says "has been disabled by administrator." Booting in Safe mode results in the same result. No explorer.exe,can't use task manager. Please help me! Thank you for reading!
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Hey, I'm not computer geek, but I had the same thing happen to two of my computers (both networked). It was caused by a worm/virus called "Win32:Vitro" that got into my hard drive on my laptop, and then networked it's way into my desktop. I've read a lot online about the virus, and it seems to be a pretty nasty one that has actually, even shut down many offices nationwide. It appears that the thing was introduced to the public around the middle of Feb. Norton or McAffee antivirus appear not to catch the thing. I am running Avast, and by doing a thorough scan, it found it. Bummer is, I still don't have my laptop running back to normal again even after quarantining the virus. I cannot access IE anymore but can use my computer in all the other respects. I'm trying to find out how to get IE installed on it now w/o having internet access to download it. My desktop was under complete waranty, so I had to send it back to the manufacturer to be repaired. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that someone else out there had the same problem around the same time you did, so it's my guess that you got the same virus that infected my computer. Oh, I was able to get my computer past the wallpaper by starting in safemode and then doing a restore from that point. If you want to catch the virus from there. Try downloading Avast free antivirus and running a thorough scan. Hope that helps at least a little bit. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Thank you, momommius 17

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Rwhite9545 1 Posts Saturday July 4, 2009Registration date July 4, 2009 Last seen - Jul 4, 2009 at 06:25 PM
Ok guys I know how to fix this issue! Google what is called Hit Man Pro. What is happening is a virus/worm has embedded itself in your system 32 files and has named itself an .EXE file which boots when Windows does! Download the completely free program and free yourself of this problem! When you download it, do a full system scan. Once the scan is complete, you will see that you have many entries of Spyware and Malware! On the right of the results screen you will see a do not delete at the end of each result or line. Click the little arrow and mark each to delete. Once deleted you will need to reboot your machine and behold it will boot up not only normal but considerably faster! Let me know if this helps?
popchi pretu > Rwhite9545 1 Posts Saturday July 4, 2009Registration date July 4, 2009 Last seen - Aug 27, 2009 at 03:01 PM
thanks , thanks, thanks !!!!!
Steve > Rwhite9545 1 Posts Saturday July 4, 2009Registration date July 4, 2009 Last seen - Nov 1, 2009 at 05:18 AM
You are awesome. Not only fixed this, but also some other viruses.
anon13 > Rwhite9545 1 Posts Saturday July 4, 2009Registration date July 4, 2009 Last seen - Dec 28, 2009 at 08:54 AM
You're a life-saver! Arigatou!
been searching all over the internet! many thanks!! _\m/
Thank you
You don't even have to download an ani-virus or spyware remover to take care of this. My memory is a bit rusty on this but here is what I remember

1) open the RUN propt and type "regedit"
2) Expand the "Hkey_local_machine" folder
3) Expand the "software" folder
4) Expand the "Microsoft" folder
5) Expand the "Windows NT" folder
6) Finaly Expande the "Image file Execution Options" Folder
7) Once there you should be able to erase the FOLDER that contains this virus that is discusing itself as the EXPLORER.exe program.

However, I donnot remember which folder it is. I did it once to TWO networked computers that had the same problem and both were fixed from this issue.

I would like to remember which folder that was but I dont. If any one does know let me know.
I Followed Your Post.
It Was Helpful But Do I Delete The Whole Explorer.exe Folder ??
Thank you
copy paste from Jake here --> http://ccm.net/forum/affich-110210-my-desktop-won-t-show-on-start-up

I suffered with this problems many times and have a fix.
1. press all at once ctrl + alt + delete
2.if you are on vista or win 7 press Start Task Manager
3.A task Manager box will show up
4.on the Processes tab look through the processes and see if there is something called explorer.exe (if there is click on it and then press End Process.\
5. If the Process is missing or you just shut it down then click on Applications
6.Press New Task...
7.A new window will open and there will be a open bar with a box to type something in
8.type explore and if then your task bar and desktop are missing try explore.exe

That is a simple fix to it.
Thank you
To my recollection...yes.

However, not all viruses go to that specific folder. If it does not work you may have a slightly different one. Best of luck to you. Just remember to restart your computer and if you can't do this because it wont let you try it in SAFE MODE.

To go to safe more press "F8" during start-up while at the splash menu. If this still does not work you me try the "Windows Malicious software Removal Tool". Which is free off of the Microsoft website.

To activate it...

1) Go to "Run"
2) Type "MRT"
3) Press OK (you may have to do this in safe mode if it does not work in normal mode)
4) Remember to always have the most up-to-date version.

Hope this helps!
Thank you
not true. i've had the virus and removed it. when it gets onto your computer it changes one of you preferences that allows both IE and antivirus to run. sorry im not much help beyond that, but I promise you somewhere out there is the same answer that saved me, just keep looking!
Thank you
Hi there,

I seem to be encountering a similar problem, but as far as I can tell, not from a virus.
The PC was running perfectly until I installed the latest Windows updates for XP, and now, no icons, taskbar etc. Although explorer.exe appears to be running in task manager, it isn't showing!! It will load eventually, but takes a good 10 minutes to do so.
I was wondering if anyone else had just updated before experiencing this problem?
It has to be said that it's only explorer that's playing up, I can access evrything else normally...task manager, reg edit etc.
I can also command a new explorer.exe to load from task manager, and everything will be fine till the next reboot.
Just a thought, but if any of you are experiencing this due to a Windows update, can anybody figure out WHICH update is responsible???

Many Thanks.
I'm having the same problem as of this morning. I found my computer had rebooted overnight so I think it must have happened with Tues auto-update. I have not downloaded any new software for a while so thats all I can think of. Running anti-virus right now.
Thank you
I had the same problem trying to fix a friend's PC. I used combofix following the directions here:


Follow them to the letter. It saved me a complete reformat and XP installation.
many of the problems related to explorer.exe in vista are linked to Google Desktop.. uninstall it, or put it on the minimize it to taskbar. I solved the problem this way. good luck
Thank you
when you are at the blank screen, Ctrl-Alt-Del, then File, and New Task (Run...), type Explorer.exe....

It's a temporary solution, but it works and you can at least use your computer until you fix it.....
Phildawhale - Feb 17, 2010 at 03:17 AM
Thank you
Just to let you know I've not fixed this yet however.

If you press "windows + e" you should get an explorer

If you now type in control panel to the address bar and hit enter

Next go to users and make a new admin account.

I did this and the new account allows me to start task manager
irdogg 1 Posts Thursday February 25, 2010Registration date February 25, 2010 Last seen - Feb 25, 2010 at 01:55 PM
Thank you
nice that hitman did the j0b thank u very much!
Thank you
My issues are worse. I can't acess task manager. I can't right click. I can't boot in safe mode or any other mode. I can't acess the internet and I can't see any icons on my computer. When I do try and boot in safe mode I get the blue screen of death. One time my Mcafee did come up and let me run a scan. When the scan finished it said that it could not terminate the virus. Usually I can get rid of a virus using combofix or malwarebytes but this virus doesn't even give me the chance to access anything. All I can do is watch windows xp boot to my wallpaper. Oh and my computer cannot recoginize cd's now so I can't boot off a cd. Anyone have any miacles?
You may have to Re-install windows. If your CD drive cannot read the CDs make sure its plugged in correctly. If it looks like all the connections are good, during the Splash menu press "F2" to get to the manu screen. Once there make sure that drives intalled on your computer are all enabled. The location will vary by your computers make and model.

You may also wanna try copying your windows CD data into an USB and but the programing from it.

You may want to face the fact that your data my be lost. I you really must have the information in the harddrive, I suggest you got to a Prefeccional and see if they can retrive it for you.

Good Luck!
You can always boot up a version of Ubuntu Linux off of a USB stick or a CDROM. You can then explore anything you want on the hard drive since this Linux can read NTFS drives. Get a set of good files from a working machine and overwrite the infected ones. I use Ubuntu 9.04 to solve bad virus infections.
Thank you
its a virus try reformatting the computer